Photographer Karl Forsberg – portraying people, worldwide
Karl Forsberg is a photographer and Advertising Creative based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Represented by @johnerimages. For photo requests, send a mail to or call +46 708 82 50 60
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Portraying people (and places)

Hi, I’m Karl Forsberg. One of my strengths as a photographer is to capture people in a context, such as business and work life, everyday life and all kinds of events.

I also love to do portraits. It does not matter whether it is business or cultural personalities, celebrities, athletes, fashion models or ordinary people – portraits are always interesting!

Moreover, I gladly portray different locations; all from the largest cities to the backwoods.

Based in Gothenburg (Göteborg), I work in Sweden or elsewhere.

Welcome to contact me to discuss your assignment.

+46 708 82 50 60  |